An Ode to Tea

I begin my day with my favorite cup of tea and I so thought it would be perfect to mark the beginnings to my blog as well.

This unpretentious yet extraordinary cuppa awakens me to life every morning; it is one of the things I would not live without so here I start with an ode, I wrote, to my dear cup of tea, called by some Chinese philosopher as the- indispensable ingredient to the elixir of life

In the 17th century, this golden leaf, 

was brought to the courts by Princess Catherine.                                                                                     

The Prince and his courtiers waited patiently in line,                                                                             

for they had never tasted a drink so divine.                                                                                         

The Chinese have enjoyed it for thousands of years,                                                                          

this drink of choice brings my voice to my ears.                                                                                     

Its numerous versions are aplenty to see,                                                                                                  

but here’s just how I choose to make Thee.

Just in case you choose, the way i make,                                                                                                

I’d say it’s delicious with a piece of cake.                                                                                              

The ingredients are simple and this is what i use-                                                                                   

some water, black tea leaves,

few drops milk, or more if you choose                                                   

A dash of ginger, because I like a bit spicy.                                                                                          

Now that’s upto you, you add it if you like it.

In a deep saucepan, take the water and add the leaves                                                                         

but hurry before it’s warm, that’s very important you see.                                                              

Add a slice of ginger and turn on the heat,                                                                                             

boil and simmer, till dark, although not as much as peat.                                                                  

Add a few drops of milk bring to a boil and strain.                                                                           

that’s it and how i drink it, every morning,                                                                                    

evening and whenever there is rain.

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