I hate you like I love you!

The recent sign off bollywood item number done by my favorite Aamir Khan in Delhi Belly-I hate you like I love you,…… goes like this- I just can’t quit, infection, addiction…you give me such a kick….I hate you like i love you…

The tune and lyrics are so funny and addictive that once out of the movie, i found myself constantly humming them…now you’d agree it’s not the most socially hummable number. So just when i was starting to contemplate ways to get my mind off that track, my kids tugged at my sleeve and said- “Mom, How about we have McDonalds today? Can we eat junk, just today pleeeese”. And once again my heart screamed- “I hate you, like I love you”. Our brain plays these games, it reminds us of the  unhealthiest of the things when we are the hungriest. Now, I know we all know, a lot about eating dos but here’s my top tip stash:

1. However you cook, it’s hard to make anything half as sinful as what you unknowingly tuck in when eating out. So eat at home.

2. Believe- Less is more. Start with a salad and enjoy everything without hating yourself.

3.This time remind yourself the truth – more is good and eat six small meals rather than three big ones- (you know it keeps your metabolism kicking and you stay off binges, right?)

4. Hydrate- water and tea are the best. If in a mood to indulge chill the water and add a slice of lime or ginger!

Lastly move, move, move.

When I say ‘move’ I come again to the travel season where all rules, routines and resolves so end up breaking. Here’s what you could do to avoid coming back with an extra tire around the waist or worse still a Delhi Belly:

1. Read on and plan your tour itinerary and bookmark the places where you’d like eat (just so you make smart choices, do this after a full meal)

2. Rush and get yourself to food before you get too hungry, if it looks like a tall order, dash to a roadside grocery and grab any fruit. (Pay after you’ve eaten it)

3. Carry a little post it note with a list of things to ask for, for example- Skimmed dairy, skinned, dressing on the side, grilled not fried, less/no oil, red over white for sauce and white over red for meat! (and so on)

4. Run if you see anything that says crispy or batter fried!

5. For dessert, order the fruit platter (well if you have to, technically fruits should be eaten before a meal not after)

6. If it makes you feel any better, choose butter over oil.

7. And whatever you may do walk, walk, walk or better run but do not eat  if you see any unhygienic practices (scratching, sneezing, coughing)


(Oh no! Do you love that street food, too?)

Did i hear you hum this time?...’I hate you like i love you’.

I told you it’s addictive. I hate holidays!


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