Accessory Recipes-Appetizers, Salads, Kebabs and more

“Even the most mundane everyday dinner can be made unforgettable by making a small spectacular addition, an entrée, a salad or an appetizer- very much like accessorizing a simple dress- add a belt, a bracelet, a little touch and you go from plain to stunning”.

Broadly, that’s how I summarize the concept of accessory recipes, whenever asked- “So, what do you mean by accessory recipes?”

Additionally, they also must qualify, broadly the following three criteria:

1. Super delicious to the majority

2. Healthy- Rich in essential nutrients while being low in calories

3. Easy and quick – usually no more that 20-25 minutes to table.

The idea is, for the readers to be able to add their pick, from one of these repeatedly tried and tested recipes and enjoy every one of their home cooked meals- whether it is a grilled steak, a basic Daal, Pasta or even a ready to eat precooked meal they picked on their way home!

For me, these recipes are a part of my daily menus as well as a life saver as they successfully extend my courses in the bat of an eye lid and help me go through last minute and spontaneous dinner invites in a breeze!

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