Accessory Recipes- New cookbook launching now in the UAE

Hurray! You will finally see “Accessory Recipes for Magical Mealtimes” in the bookstores of UAE! I am thrilled to finally bring my book to the country where I live…The launch in UAE will be done at the Sharjah Book Fair, I will be starting with a live cooking demo  and then follow up with a book signing at Jashanmal Bookstores stall on the 21st of Nov 2011. The book is already available on numerous websites including and as a kindlebook.

Accessory Recipes offers new and interesting takes on recipes for kebabs, appetizers, salads and other side dishes that make mealtime a special and magical time for the whole family. Inside, readers will also find a color-coded nutritional meter that details nutritional information of each recipe under its picture.

Click on the link below to watch a short video to see the contents of the book and pictures of some featured recipes.

“Even the most mundane everyday dinner can be made unforgettable by making a small spectacular addition, an entree, a salad or an appetizer. It is like accessorizing a simple dress- add a belt, a bracelet, a little touch and you go from plain to stunning.”

About Accessory Recipes for Magical Mealtimes 

Accessory Recipes for Magical Mealtimes is a visually stunning cookbook featuring appetizer recipes, vegetarian recipes and recipes for the whole family. Further, all featured recipes are rated for the presence of the ‘Essential Super11’ nutrients in them by nutritionist Geetika Bhargava. Calorie and carbohydrate content of all featured recipes has also been summarized at the end of the book.

The book will be available across major bookstores in the UAE before Christmas to make an ideal Christmas gift.

7 thoughts on “Accessory Recipes- New cookbook launching now in the UAE

  1. yes it is in full color, looks rather good. Must have been a lot of work. Yes i have to surprise the missus and cook something :)!

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