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Bhavna J Mishra

Bhavna J Mishra


As a first time blogger, the very first time,  I wrote this section it was almost a formal resume in third person! I am rewriting it now, as myself 🙂  We have lived in Dubai for the past 11 years and it’s here that I have seen myself change from a carefree girl to a corporate junkie to a wife and a mother with loads of jobs to juggle. I love to cook for my family, I also love playing tennis and watching my kids play the same. I try to inculcate in them appreciation and gratitude for delicious and healthy home cooked food. I enjoy eating, travelling, swimming, tennis, photography (specially of food and my family), dressing up and connecting with my good friends. I have recently also switched to largely Grain free eating, and you will see that my latest posts (unlike the initial ones that coexist on this blog) will be increasingly around my latest fad 🙂 but honestly it has worked wonders for me.

I am passionate about writing and cooking delicious and healthy (grain free) food. I excitedly continue to look forward to seeing  all of you sample a dish or two from my cookbook ‘Accessory Recipes for Magical Mealtimes’ that I self published in August 2011. If you do then please drop me a line, I will be most excited to hear. And if you really do use the book, please replace Canola oil with Ghee or sesame oil everywhere as I now understand Canola is not the healthiest oil to use (due to disproportionate Omega 6 levels).

I grew up in a small town in India called Hardwar, where i went to school. I started helping my mother to cook from about the age of 11. My first formal cooking classes were in Indian main course in a small cooking school in my hometown at the age of 14! But i think the real  appreciation and interest in food developed when i started to travel across the various countries as part of my work and also as part of our love for travel itself. Trying local cuisines, learning to cook them from local chefs on my travels and then experimenting with various ingredients once back at home also became easier as we lived in Dubai a place which is an amalgamation of different cultures and nationalities and is full of amazing eating places. I am lucky to have a husband, who continued to pay the bills so i managed to quit regular work to look after the kids and also bring back these memories of taste that lived on in me from childhood and my travels and got to try them out in my own kitchen. I cook everyday for my family, we often have people over and  I love to put easy to make, interesting dishes on the table.

I would love you to try some of the recipes you find on this blog, write in to contribute or leave a comment if you pass by. I will be happy to hear from you and would surely reply.

Happy Cooking

Bhavna J Mishra