How to make Chicken Fajita wraps with Mexican tomato relish and Risoni Pasta salad- A Videolog

These were the 3 simple and fresh recipes from Accessory Recipes for Magical Mealtimes that I cooked at the demo kitchen in Sharjah Book Fair.

Chicken Fajita WrapMexican Tomato relishMushroom and Parsley Risoni Salad

Chicken fajitas and mexican tomato relish wrapped in homemade tortilla wraps with a mushroom and parsley risoni salad to go on the side- all the 3 dishes can be easily finished in under 1 hour and they make a delicious, healthy and quick dinner choice. For our family this menu is a handy choice at least once a fortnight and I like it because its healthy, its colorful and is enjoyed equally by the kids.

The demo you see in this post is the video from the day of the launch of my book in the UAE.

There is a bit of noise in the background as this was a public event. Hope you’d still get a hang of it.

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