My tête-à-tête with The Gary Rhodes @Taste of Dubai 2012

I sat in my car and turned to my usual 103.8 Dubai eye and there he was ‘The Gary Rhodes‘ in the studios talking to the the breakfast show hosts. It isn’t too often that you have the best in the culinary world right there next to you to offer their best culinary offerings, so naturally the foodie in me was all ears.

The show hosts asked him so which is the one dish from you that we must try at the Taste this time and Gary said it has to be the White Tomato soup- A soup made from red plum tomatoes yet absolutely stark white in color. Umm….fascinating I thought, and so on the very first day when I got to the Taste of Dubai, I headed straight to Garry Rhodes restaurants- the Rhodes Mezannine and  Rhodes Twenty10. Gary was right there and I said to him-“I would love to try your white tomato soup that I heard you talk about on the radio show the other day”. And Gary said- “You know it is made from absolutely red plum tomotoes and it is white in color”.

“So do you put cheese or cream in it”- I asked, ‘No cheese, just a dash of cream just a dash- but I am not telling you anything else’! 🙂 ‘How sweet’- I thought!

His sous chef brought a glass of frothy white tomoto soup out and Gary said- ‘With my compliments’. I was delighted. I took a careful sip of the white frothy warm liquid in the glass trying to savor every hint flavor in there- pure white and warm distinctly tomato, yet a soft gentle creaminess – not heavy on the palate at all. It did not even have an overiding dash of the usual black pepper or even the salt. Very gently, warm and delicious…I loved it and decided I was going to unravel this recipe.

White Tomato Soup with Gary Rhodes

White Tomato Soup with Gary Rhodes @Taste Of Dubai 2012

The next day morning was a friday, I decided to give the soup a shot in my kitchen, I plucked a few red plum tomatoes from my garden and tried to achieve the same and did not quite get there. So in the evening when I returned to Taste, I went to Gary’s again. Look at my luck he was there again- I said to him-‘ I tried making your white tomato soup, and it had a hint of pale reddish tinge’, ‘Aaha’, he said, ‘you see I get it absolutely white, I have this technique of liquidizing, but I am not telling you anything’. (I smile, smile)

I had to buy his book- ‘Gary Rhodes 365/ one year’ and he said-‘I will sign it as I found you, ‘Simply delicious!’

Gary Rhodes 365/ one year

Gary Rhodes 365/ one year

More smiles, smiles…And I said- ‘Thank You, but I would like to give you a gift as well, I hope you would accept’, That’s when I gave him a copy of ‘Accessory Recipes’ that he so graciously accepted and said to me- “I cannot wait to see what’s inside it!!!”

I hope he did get a chance to see what’s inside it. I am just honored that he accepted it with so much love. I loved Gary Rhodes and I am going to make his very white tomato soup in my kitchen soon.

8 thoughts on “My tête-à-tête with The Gary Rhodes @Taste of Dubai 2012

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